Trek Wars
May 20

Bring your Chargers



25.00 Event only.
  8.00 Lunch 

Pre-Register and Pre-Pay online before Saturday only.

26.00 per person. Event with Lunch. Includes 1 raffle ticket
20.00 per person. Event only Includes 1 raffle ticket


Check In/Chrono:   7:30am
  Check In Ends:  9:30am
     Safety Briefing:  9:50am
            Game On: 10:00am
                 Lunch:   1:00pm
         Game Over:  4:00pm
              Awards:   4:10pm
                 Raffle:   4:15pm


Wear what you want, we will use armbands.
Turn in your armband to the Action Shack for an extra raffle ticket.

FPS Limits:
(.20 field ammo will be used at the chrono station).
AEG/Polar Star - 400 FPS (Polar Stars MUST have tournament lock)
DMR - 450 FPS (DMRs MUST have full auto disabled.)
Bolt Action/Sniper Rifles - 550 FPS
Co2 Pistols - 350 FPS or under.
Green gas pistols do not have to be chronoed. 

Story Overview:

Location: Outskirts of the Beta Quadrant

Situation: Captain Kirk was spending some R&R on the planet of Bajor. While there, he happened to come in contact with Princess Leia, who was there researching the Bajoran Wormhole. One thing led to another and after many pints of Romulan ale, a romantic encounter created an intergalactic incident of time and space bending proportion.   

Lord Vader received word of this incident after overhearing Captain Kirk bragging to Bones on a subspace frequency. Lord Vader then sent an Imperial transport to pick up Leia, while Kirk beamed back to the Enterprise. In an effort to flee, Kirk tried to sneak through the Beta quadrant unnoticed. This was not possible, as tie bombers immediately saw the Enterprise and fired torpedoes, shattering the Dilithium crystals in the warp core.  At that moment, a Death Star arrived through a wormhole, intent on exacting revenge. Just as Lord Vader was about to regain the honor lost by the actions of Kirk, a Klingon K'Vort-class Bird of Prey de-cloaked beside the Enterprise. With the skill and bravery associated with all Klingon warriors, the Klingon Captain fired a full torpedo spread at the Death Star, knocking its power supply out and leaving it vulnerable to counter attack by the forces of the Federation. Both ships, being disabled, have to seek out replacement minerals to re-power their ships.

Dilithium and Madeuptonium have been located on the nearby planet of Endor.   

  Captain Kirk will lead a force to Endor to recover enough Dilithium to re-power the warp core, link up with other Federation ships and battle the Death Star to the end. 

Empire:  Darth Vader will lead a force to Endor to recover enough Madeuptonium to re-power the Death Star and  seek revenge for the dishonor done by Captain Kirk. The Empireís goal is to use the Death Star to blow up the Federationís home planet of Earth. 

Each side must find the minerals for their ship's power and at the same time prevent the other side from obtaining their minerals.

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