Pirates of the Caribbean
Aug 26

Bring your Chargers


25.00 Event only.
  8.00 Lunch 

Pre-Register and Pre-Pay online Thursday before the Event only.

26.00 per person. Event with Lunch. Includes 1 raffle ticket
20.00 per person. Event only Includes 1 raffle ticket.


Check In/Chrono:   7:30am
  Check In ENDS:  9:30am
    Safety Briefing:   9:50am
            Game On: 10:00am
                 Lunch:  12:00pm
         Game Over:  4:00pm
     Awards/Raffle:  4:10pm


Wear what you want, we will use armbands.
Turn in your armband to the Action Shack for an extra raffle ticket.

FPS Limits:
(.20 field ammo will be used at the chrono station).
AEG/Polar Star - 400 FPS (Polar Stars MUST have tournament lock)
DMR - 450 FPS (DMRs MUST have full auto disabled.)
Bolt Action/Sniper Rifles - 550 FPS
Co2 Pistols - 350 FPS
Green gas pistols do not have to be chronod

Game Playing Instructions
Main Missions:
Main Missions are identified by YELLOW cards.
The object of the game is to win as many Main Mission cards as possible and complete as many Bonus Missions as you can, to win the game. All of the cards for the Main Missions and Bonus Missions are at the forts. Do not remove any cards before the active time. If you have a card that is not active your team will be penalized 200 points. Mission cards must be turned into the Action Shack before the next Mission starts. If a player gets hit while carrying a Mission card, the player must put the card down, call himself “Out”, go to the spawn area, and wait 2 minutes before reentering the game. Either side can pick up the card and score the points by taking it to the Action Shack.
Spawn Bases may not be attacked by either side.
Players may not wait at the Spawn Bases to shoot players as they reenter the game. This is called “Spawn Trapping”

Bonus Missions:
Bonus Missions are identified by WHITE cards.
DO NOT remove the cards unless you are working on a Mission.
Bonus Missions must be done one at a time using the tanks (if they are used). You cannot send multiple players out at the same time to get the cards all at once.
Bonus Missions are located in the dash of the tanks. They must be completed by the specified time in the instructions.
Bonus Missions instructions must be attached to the steering wheel of the tank until the mission is completed. The Completed Bonus Missions cards or individual cards are taken to the Action Shack in a tank (if they are used) or held by the Generals. They cannot be stored at your spawn base.
Mission cards can be turned in separately for 50 point each or ALL the cards can be turned in at once, in the correct order, for 500 points.
Bonus Missions can be stolen at any time by either side.
Protect your Missions!!!!

Tennis Ball Launcher, and Tennis Balls:
Refer to the kill radius section of the rules for weapon usage and kill radius.
Tanks are equipped with launchers and tennis balls that must be returned to the tanks after use.
No personal launchers or balls are allowed.
When “HIT”, players must stop shooting, call themselves “OUT” and go to the nearest Spawn Area. This is called “Calling your Hits”. The penalty for not calling your hits is to sit the remainder of the Mission out with another team mate.
The penalty for attacking a Spawn Area or Spawn Trapping is 200 points
Everyone is here to have fun, so play with honor.
Cheating is not honorable.



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